"Caught in the In-Between"

A supernatural horror

Included in Night Terrors Volume 20, an anthology published April 24, 2022 by Scare Street Publishing

"Man of the Woods"

A short horror of 206 words

Included in 206 Word Stories, an anthology published February 26, 2022 by Bag of Bones Press

"Curse of the Cache"

A dark vacation horror

Included in Slice of Paradise, an anthology published February 16, 2022 by Dark Lit Press

"The Locked Door"

A short vacation horror

Included in Travels & Tribulations, an anthology published February 19, 2022 by Acid Bath Publishing


A dark drabble

Included in Year Three, an anthology published January 29, 2022 by Black Hare Press

"Rebirth of the Fallen"

A dark drabble

Included in 666, an anthology published August 31, 2021 by Black Hare Press

"The Vault"

A supernatural / ecological horror

Included in Secrets in the Fog, an anthology published August 21, 2021 by Partridge Island Publishing

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